Class 6

Class 6

We went on a trip to Widcombe Parade to find out more about the local businesses. We asked shopkeepers about how many deliveries they receive each week and their favourite thing to sell. We learnt lots about the shops on Widcombe Parade.


At lunchtime the children in Class 6 love getting creative with the OPAL equipment whether it’s building, making or role play, the children love exploring what’s in our OPAL shed!


Each week our class goes into the computer suite. We enjoy using lots of different programmes. Here we are practising our typing skills.


We have a fantastic library in school. It is stocked with lots of interesting non-fiction books and author boxes, where we can read a range of stories by one writer. We love spending time in the library!


In Design Technology we learnt some folding techniques to create pop ups. We practised making a step pop up and a slider. Once we got the hang of it, we turned our ideas into pop up scenes, such as this one.


In history we learnt about clothing from the past. Some of us dressed up as Tudors and Victorians. We learnt about how clothing has changed over time due to fashion, money and the availability of different fabrics.


In gym, we love using the apparatus to practise rolling, jumping and travelling. We have tried to improve the quality of our movements by using soft knees when landing a jump. We have also learnt the importance of warming up and cooling down.



In music we used percussion instruments to create pieces of music. We wrote our own compositions using crotchets and quavers. We enjoyed performing our music to the rest of the class.


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