Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!

The children in Class 6 really enjoy their Maths lessons. They have recently been learning about 3D shapes and had great fun working together to sort the shapes into a grid. 


Forest School
Forest School is one of our favourite lessons in the week! In our allotment, we have grown rhubarb which we harvested in September. There was enough rhubarb for each child to take home two sticks to share with their family. Lots of children had rhubarb compote, crumble or pie for pudding!

Forest school 2

Widcombe Walk
The children in Class 6 have been learning about our local area, Widcombe. We walked to Widcombe Parade where we visited businesses to ask questions such as ‘How many deliveries do you get every day?’ and ‘What is your busiest time of day?’. We found out a lot about what it is like to be a shopkeeper on Widcombe Parade. 

Widcombe walk

Recently, we have had new markings added to the playground which has made it even more fun than it was before. Lots of the children enjoy playing games such as hopscotch. 


Literature Festival
The children in Year 2 visited the Bath Children’s Literature Festival. We were lucky enough to see the Children’s Laureate, Joseph Coehlo. He gave tips for becoming a writer and the children loved hearing about what inspired him to start writing.

Lit fest 



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