Class 2

Class 2

Class 2 have been busy making connections with the world around them. We like to learn by carrying out our own investigations and discussing our findings with our friends. We learn how humans can have a negative impact on local animal habitats. We decided that we could improve this by collecting litter, building bug hotels and making bird feeders in Winter. 

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We have also been learning about wild animals that can be found in countries across the globe. We have investigated how they use camouflage to protect themselves and hunt for food. We discovered a variety of ways to sort animals into groups and we carried out an investigation into the effectiveness of blubber to keep animals warm.

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Another way we learn about the world around us is by taking trips to our local community. So far this year, we have visited the Guildhall, as part of the Bath Literature Festival, the Egg Theatre and the central library. After our trips we like to map out our journeys, adding in all the main features of our city.

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Every week the children split into their Wild Wednesday groups so that they can take their learning outside and develop their understanding of the environment whilst learning how to use a selection of practical tools. We have learnt about a range of creatures that roam the British countryside and been taught how to use a small hammer safely.

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We are growing our own vegetables and have been able to use some of them to make our own healthy snacks.

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