School Council

At Widcombe Infant School we have an active School Council consisting of members from all classes in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The aims of the School Council are to give our children:

A chance to voice their opinions about school life
A chance to share their ideas on how to improve school life for everyone
The opportunity to be engaged in a democratic process

Each class elects two members for the School Council each year. The councillors are responsible for attending the council meetings each term and reporting back to their class about the meeting. The councillors also have to bring issues to School Council from their classes or take points for discussion back to the classes to find out what the children across the school think.


Some of the items that the children at Widcombe Infant School have, through the School Council, had input on are:

Ways to improve school life
Ways to improve the school buildings and school grounds
Playtime activities
Arts Week
Sports Day
Ways to save energy in the school

Everyone involved with the School Council takes their role very seriously and enjoys representing the views of their class at the meetings.

Class 1 representatives Elsie and Archie 

Class 2 representatives Molly and Sebastian

Class 3 representatives Eliza and Milo

Class 4 representatives Eva and Cooper

Class 5 representatives Abigail and Austin

Class 6 representatives Rosa and Oliver







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