Class 4

Class 4

In Art we learnt that Pointillism is creating pieces of art using dots. We used paint and cotton buds to make our own Pointillism pieces. We loved being able to choose our own colour combinations for our names.

Art picture 1

In Maths we used tens frames to develop our understanding of number bonds. We used double sided counters to show number bonds to ten. We enjoy working with manipulatives to show off our brilliant knowledge.

Maths picture

In Art we used clay to create teddy bears. We learnt that we can use the bristles of a toothbrush to create a fur-like effect. We also learnt how to make the slip which holds the head in place like a glue.

Art picture 2

During our Charity Day we completed an obstacle course. Each house team completed the course which tested our hockey skills, throwing skills and coordination. We raised money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.


In Science we learnt about animals. We learnt to categorise animals into five groups based on their characteristics. Our favourite has been birds as we learnt so much about them in our non-fiction writing this term!

Science picture

This term we started writing non-fiction  booklets about birds. We learnt about a range of birds including Robins, Eagles, Toucans, Puffins and Parrots. We were so proud of our final booklet all about Hornbills!

Writing picture 


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