Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

We have had a great start to the year in Class Four. We have really enjoyed learning all about our new topic Maps and Journeys, as well as really getting stuck into some brilliant Maths and writing. We love exploring and sharing our ideas, and are becoming more resilient when we are given a tricky challenge. 

In Geography, we have explored different kinds of maps and atlases and learnt all about the countries of the UK and their flags and capital cities. We love the floor puzzle that makes a map of the UK.

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We have been thinking like scientists and have investigated which materials float and which materials sink. We learnt to make predictions and then see if we were right! We also learnt that some objects are suspended in the water and neither float on the top nor sink to the very bottom. We realised that some objects can float if they are placed carefully on top of the water but if you fill them with water they sink to the bottom. 

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In History, we have been learning about the seaside. We looked at different photographs and compared them to each other. Photographs from the past are black and white but photographs from today are colourful. People used to dress smartly to go to the seaside. Both past and present seasides have donkey rides and ice creams!

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In Art, we learnt about Georges Seurat and pointillism. We created our own version of pointillism by painting our names in dots of different colours. We also enjoyed using powder paint to investigate how to mix colours. We learnt about primary colours and how to create different colours and different shades. 


We absolutely love our Forest School sessions. It was so exciting to be able to harvest our own vegetables and to be able to make our own pumpkin soup on the fire. We loved being able to taste the soup and dunk our flatbreads in! With wellies on and ready to go, we have been exploring all the Forest school area, cooking in the mud kitchen, playing in the log circle and swinging on the tree swing. 
The start of Year One has been full of smiles and enthusiasm. We can’t wait for the rest of the year!

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