Class 5

Class 5

In Year Two, we love spending time together in school, learning new facts and developing skills in all the different subjects. 
One of our favourite activities is doing drama. We enjoyed retelling the historical story of the Halfpenny Bridge disaster and performing our freeze frames to an audience. We were also very excited about recreating images from the poem If which challenged our imaginations to create images that were out of this world. Can you guess what we are representing in these photos?

Dsc03380 Dsc03376 Dsc03372 Dsc03385

In class 5, we are inspired by Artists and art movements to develop our own art skills. We like employing our creativity to create our own final Art pieces. Over the year, we have learnt about using different media, such as HB and 2B pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, felt tips, colouring pencils, crayons, poster paint, Brusho paint, powder paint and printing tiles. In these photos you can see how we created a design on a foam tile and used bright, bold colours to create a repeating printed pattern in the style of William Morris. 

Dsc03125 Dsc03124

We are very proud of our hand puppets that we created in Design Technology. We learned how to make a paper prototype to test whether our designs would work. When we sewed the two glove parts together, we used a running stitch and had to leave a seam allowance so that the felt did not fray. We added animal features to the outside of our puppets by cutting out felt and glueing it on. We loved naming our puppets and playing with them. We always enjoy Design Technology because we get to design, make and refine our final products. Over the year we have created pop-up cards with sliders, moving vehicles, and a castle with a portcullis that can be raised and lowered. 

Dsc03333 Dsc03329 Dsc03263 Dsc03271 Dsc03334

We are very fit and healthy in Class 5. There is nothing that we like more than running the daily mile. We have really noticed how much our fitness and stamina has improved over the year. We are very lucky to have learnt a variety of skills linked to sports over the year. We have developed our dribbling and passing skills in hockey, football, netball and tag rugby. In Tennis we learnt how to hold a racket, stand in the ready position and send and receive a tennis ball.


Visiting the library is always a highlight in the week. We enjoy being able to make our own choices about which books to read; poetry, non-fiction and fiction. Sometimes we choose to read by ourselves and sometimes we prefer to read with a partner. We always treat our books with care and return them to the correct place in the library. We have also been making the most of being allowed to borrow books from the library to take home with us. 

Dsc02645 Dsc02644 Dsc02639

We love learning lots of facts and making connections in our learning in Science. We also love being scientists, posing questions and making predictions. Investigations have allowed us to find out all sorts of extra knowledge that we didn’t previously know. We did an absorbency experiment to discover which materials would make the best cleaning products. We also did an experiment to see what would happen to different solids if we heated them over a candle. We were fascinated by our experiment to see how different liquids would affect our teeth, using eggshells to replicate teeth. We loved having the chance to use a scientific microscope to look in detail at plants and also using magnifying glasses to look at the parts of a daffodil. We can’t wait to find out more in science. 

Dsc03395 Dsc03340 Dsc03069 Dsc03495


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