Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Our topic is Maps and Journeys. We have enjoyed looking at lots of different types of maps, atlases, and globes. We have created our own Treasure Maps using grid coordinates and symbols. We have used a map of the school grounds to go on a treasure hunt.  We have looked at the United Kingdom and the 4 countries that make up the UK. 

In Art we have been exploring colour mixing. We learnt about the primary colours of red, yellow and blue and how to use these to create new secondary colours. We found out that if you mix yellow and red you get orange. Blue and red makes purple. Yellow and blue makes green. Adding white makes a colour lighter. We learnt that if you mix all three primary colours you get brown.
We were set the challenge to mix as many different colours as we could and as many shades  of colours as we could. We painted each shape on our paper a different colour. We did really well!

In Science we had fun exploring our senses. We had a carousel of activities around the room which encouraged us to use our different senses. The SIGHT table had coloured cellophane, magnifying glasses, mirrors, torches and glasses. The TOUCH table had feely bags with different objects in them for us to try and guess what they were. The SOUND table had music playing through headphones. The SMELL table had pots containing foods and liquids for us to smell. Some were really nice smells but others were not so nice! The TASTE table had different flavours of crisps for us to taste, try and guess the flavour. It was great fun!

In Forest School we made Pumpkin Soup and flatbreads which we cooked on the fire. We had to dice, peel and chop potatoes, onions and pumpkin. We had to make the flatbreads by mixing flour, oil and water into a dough and then rolling it out into small pieces. We then sat around the fire pit and each of us had a turn stirring the soup before putting our bread onto a baking tray to cook. We each tasted the soup and the bread. Most of us really liked it and some even went back for seconds! Yummy!



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