Class 3

Class 3

In Design Technology we decided to create our own Rubbish Robots - robots created from old boxes, packaging and cartons.

The brief the children were given was:

- Your robot has to stand by itself

- It must have an on/off button 

- It must have a compartment for a battery

The children were shown different cutting and folding techniques to help them join materials together.They had great fun creating their robots, giving their robot googly eyes and a name!

Dsc04208 Dsc04210 Dsc04234 Dsc04245 Dsc04206

One morning we were visited by lots of teddy bears! They were all very soft, cuddly and cute. We used chalks to create observational drawings of them. We learnt to use the sides of the chalks to shade in large areas and the ends of the chalks for thinner lines and details. We used a zig zag outline with the chalks to make our teddy bears look fluffy!

Dsc04147 Dsc04148 Dsc04146 Dsc04145

Dsc04141 Dsc04142 Dsc04143 Dsc04144

On World Book Day we had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters from our favourite books. We enjoyed telling each other about the book characters we came dressed as and making our own little books in the afternoon. In class we read lots of books. We have just finished reading The Faraway Series and the BFG, and we are currently reading The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark.

Dsc04414 Dsc04416 Dsc04420 

In Science we have been learning about forces, friction and gravity. Each week we carried out a Science investigation to explore these concepts. The first investigation was to explore what happened to a car when it went down ramps of different heights. We found out that the higher ramp allowed the car to travel the furthest due to it having less friction.

Dsc04133 Dsc04134 

The second investigation was to see what happened to the car when we kept the ramp height the same but changed the size of the wheels. We first made a prediction about what we thought would happen. We had to measure how far each car travelled. We found out that the car with the largest wheels travelled the furthest distance! This was because the larger wheels created less friction.


For the third investigation we used a clockwork helicopter and set it running on different surfaces; fake grass, rubber, fleece and paper. We found out that the fake grass had such long fibres on it that it would not allow the helicopter wheels to travel at all! It stayed still. The paper however, was very smooth and caused the least amount of friction and so the helicopter travelled a long way.

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