Class 1

Class 1

Class 1 love sharing books. We enjoyed a school trip to the local library in Bath. We learnt how to use the library to find fiction and non-fiction books and we shared a story. We hope to visit the library with our families. 

Reading 1 Reading

Our topic this term is Animals. We have loved learning about pets, British wildlife, polar animals, jungle animals, dinosaur and farm animals. We shared photographss of our pets from home. Mrs Makepeace bought her dog Rocket into school to teach us what pets need to be happy and healthy. 

Pets rocket Pets rocket 2

Over the term we have loved creating different pieces of artwork linked to animals. We have used a variety of medium to create our artwork. We used chalks for polar bears, watercolours for pet cats and a variety of tools to create owls. We are learning how to use different techniques to create careful artwork. 

 Art 1 Art Art 2

In Maths, we have been exploring numbers in lots of different practical ways. We’ve been learning to share objects out fairly, make number bonds and sort shapes. We are now able to tell people how numbers can be made of other numbers. 


We love exploring the Reception area with our friends. We have learnt how to play fairly and be kind to one another. We play in lots of different areas; the classroom, the lobby and the outdoor area. 

Playing outdoors Playing outdoors 2 

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