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Wiltshire Science Fair 2017

Wiltshire Science Fair March 2017


My Science Fair is based around a unique science project competition for local primary school children. It gives children the chance to have fun whilst doing real scientific investigations exploring the world around them, supported by families. The children have the freedom to choose a topic that intrigues and interests them.

Each child has a couple of months to do their experiments and observations, and to prepare a poster display to share their conclusions. The children’s projects are all showcased at the My Science Fair event, and prizes are awarded for each age category by a panel of expert judges.

This year 9 children from Widcombe Infant School participated in the Wilshire Science Fair. The projects included where primary colours come from, floating and sinking, making a magnet train, exploring density and investigating mould.

Catherine from Class 4 won the overall award across the whole age range for best effort with her investigation.

During the day the children were also able to participate in different hands on interactive workshops and scientific activities including learning about the world of virtual reality, exploring the world of electronics and investigating the amazing power of liquid nitrogen.