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At Widcombe Infant School our ethos is that every child is special and every child needs their learning accelerated.  We aim to identify and provide appropriate support for those children who require additional help at school.  Termly reviews take place six times a year on children’s progress.  These reviews involve the Class Teacher, the Head Teacher and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.  Targets are set for each child to work on through their target folders and these are assessed before the next review meeting.  All targets are shared and consulted on with parents.  Relevant outside agencies work alongside children as appropriate, helping to plan and deliver a specialised programme of learning.  Children’s abilities in each subject area are taken into careful consideration when the class curriculum is being planned, delivered and assessed.  We run a variety of different support settings across the school in order to give each child the best opportunity to have their needs met and to reach their full potential.  These include

- Small SEN English groups to reinforce and extend basic skills

- Small SEN Maths groups to reinforce and extend basic skills

- Individual SEN Reading support to reinforce and extend basic skills 

- Individual SEN Maths support to help children individually with areas of difficulty

- Individual support for Basic Skills at all levels

- A Social Use of Language Programme

- A Nurture Forest School group to develop behaviour, social skills, self esteem and well-being.

- A SEN PE club to develop skills and confidence 


Accelerated Learning Programme


At Widcombe Infant School we provide a programme to extend the more able children in English and Mathematics in Year 1 and Year 2.  The programme offers a wide range of experiences and aims to ensure that all more able children are identified and given the opportunity to achieve their full potential.  There is a strong focus on higher order skills, investigative work and problem solving.