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Our Science teaching aims to facilitate children in becoming innately curious scientists, who are inspired by the world around them and who use their prior knowledge to investigate and extend their understanding. Through open-ended explorative activities based around the National Curriculum framework we aim to:


·         Develop the skills of observation, questioning, collecting evidence, predicting, recording and concluding


·         Encourage the children to be creative by giving them the opportunities to investigate their own questions


·         Enable the children to develop the skills of co-operation and collaboration through their willingness to share ideas, be open-minded in their approach to a problem and to be able to learn from others


·         Teach the children the correct usage of resources so they are aware of personal and group safety


·         Help children understand there may not be a ‘right’ answer in Science and to have fun!


To further increase the children's science capital all children are given regular opportunities to participate in Forest School during school time and there is an after school Forest School Club. The children have also enjoyed visits from the Science Explorer Dome which enhance their understanding of and enthusiasm for Science.


Our Science Topics for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1


Term 1

Reception - Ourselves And Our Senses

Year 1 - The Human Body

Year 2 - Living Things And Their Habitats


Term 2

Reception - Human Life Cycle

Year 1 - Sorting And Using Materials

Year 2 - Animals Including Humans


Term 3

Reception - Pushes And Pulls

Year 1 - Forces - Pushes And Pulls

Year 2 - Use Of Everyday Materials


Term 4

Reception - Animals And Plants

Year 1 -Animals

Year 2 - Plants


Term 5

Reception - Minibeasts

Year 1 - Everyday Materials And Light

Year 2 - Animals Including Humans And Materials


Term 6

Reception - Water And Materials

Year 1 - Seasonal Changes, Animals Including Humans and Plants

Year 2 - Living Things And Their Habitats Including Plants