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At Widcombe Infant School we believe that Physical Education is an essential aspect of school life.  We aim to develop through physical activity a healthy lifestyle for each child where fitness, agility, co-ordination, self-expression, creativity and positive attitudes are fostered.  There are two dedicated hours of PE each week, so all pupils participate in Dance, Gymnastics and Games lessons weekly.  These sessions develop their skills, improve their fitness and provide opportunities for them to enjoy sport in a social context.  Activities are planned to enable all children to participate in ways appropriate to their abilities.  There are opportunities for children to work individually, collaboratively and competitively.


Reception Curriculum


-    Matching movements 

-    Exploring pathways, levels, speeds and directions 

-    Creative dancing 

-    Country dancing  

-    Traditional dancing



-    Spacial awareness 

-    Travelling in different ways 

-    Use of different body parts 

-    Taking weight on different body parts 

-    Stretching and curling

-    Rhythmic gymnastics



-     Multiskills and athleticism including running, jumping, skipping and chasing

-     Ball skills including throwing, catching, bouncing and dribbling

-     Bat and ball skills developing hand-eye co-ordination

-     Co-operative team games with simple rules


Year 1 Curriculum


-    Movements to express ideas 

-    Creating movements in response to a story 

-    Rhythmic patterns 

-    Creative dancing 

-    National dancing

-    Country dancing



-    Bouncing 

-    Jumping 

-    Body shapes 

-    Balances 

-    Rolls 

-    Different levels 

-    Floor routines 

-    Rhythmic gymnastics



-     Netball skills

-     Hockey skills

-     Football skills

-     Striking and fielding skills

-     Net game tactics and racquet skills

-     Multiskills and athleticism


Year 2 Curriculum


-     Exploring patterns, levels, directions, speeds, gestures and stillness

-     Mirroring and complementing movements

-     Performing movements in a canon

-     Creative dancing and country dancing



-    Spinning 

-    Turning

-    Twisting

-    Symmetrical/asymmetrical shapes

-    Levels 

-    Linking movements together to form routines 

-    Gymnastic skills 

-    Rhythmic gymnastics



-     Netball including development of dodging/marking

-     Tag Rugby games

-     Hockey games

-     Football games

-     Tennis developing net game tactics and racquet skills

-     Kwik Cricket and Rounders developing striking and fielding skills


In addition Reception children have the opportunity to play and explore outdoor equipment during the working day in their dedicated covered area and all children have opportunities to use a wide range of outdoor play equipment during play times.


Widcombe Infant School organises a wide range of clubs to extend the PE provision at the school which are extremely popular.  These include dance, gymnastics, martial arts, tennis, football, hockey, cricket, tag rugby, multi-skills and athletics.  In addition notices are displayed about extra-curricular sporting activities organised within the local community.  Through our School Sports Partnership sports coaches regularly work with the children at school and opportunities are provided for children to work with children from other schools, for example Gymnastics Festivals, Multiskills Festivals and the dance festival Dance Umbrella.

PE Scheme of Work