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Our Values


Preparing children to be life long learners and to make the most of life within our world


Standards of achievement
To aim for
• high levels of attainment appropriate to each individual in a broad, balanced curriculum
• a high level of skills in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing
• creativity throughout the whole curriculum
• international awareness


Quality as learners
We aim to develop children who 
•    are highly motivated
•    have high expectations for their own learning and behaviour
•    are reflective learners who are receptive to learning
•    are independent learners, who enjoy learning and respond to a challenge
•    are confident, articulate, flexible and adaptable
•    are able to collaborate and co-operate with others
•    have enquiring minds and are able to solve problems


Personal attributes
For children
• to develop a sense of responsibility and respect towards themselves, others and their surroundings
• to be happy, secure, confident, resilient and helpful individuals
• to have a sense of identity and feel valued as an individual
• to be socially adept, tolerant of others and be able to make a contribution to society
• to be internationally aware
• to develop a moral sense
• to develop themselves in mind, body and spirit
• to learn to keep themselves and others safe, and the importance of maintaining a healthy, sustainable life style


Statement of Commitment for our School

• To provide high quality innovative teaching, through a variety of teaching and learning strategies, to deliver a broad, balanced, challenging curriculum in a rich, stimulating, well resourced environment
• To ensure high attainment for pupils of all abilities
• To provide a wide range of relevant experiences
• To build on and progress from what children already know
• To provide a rich quality of learning which makes full use of our unique environment in the school and the locality
• To ensure the provision of a well resourced and well maintained inclusive school
• To provide a school which supports and values every child so that they can achieve success in all aspects of school life
• To foster a sense of identity by encouraging self respect and a smart appearance
• To provide a happy, friendly, welcoming and safe environment
• To foster children’s individual characters and give them opportunities to have a voice in the development of the school
• To develop excellent home-school and community links
• To provide opportunities for parents to gain knowledge of the school and their children’s learning through, for example curriculum meetings, assemblies, parents evenings, sports day, whole school performances
• To support all staff development
• To value all contributors to school life and work as a mutually supportive school team
• To strive for continuous improvement
• To teach children how to achieve a safe, healthy and sustainable lifestyle
• For all staff and Governors to be proactive in the development of the school