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“Music is an integral part of young children’s intellectual, cultural, emotional and spiritual development…….. Music in the classroom should involve all children…….it plays a part in all our lives, not only at important times and occasions, but also as an everyday experience which enriches our thinking and feeling.”

(Making Sense of Music by Colin Durrant and Graham Welch 1995)


At Widcombe Infant School we consider music to be a very important part of our children’s education. It offers a platform on which the children can build and develop their creativity, and allows for the inclusion of all children. Through music children are able to explore feelings and emotions, and develop their confidence in performing with and for others.


All children are given opportunities to develop their musical skills through being actively involved in composing and performing. The children are given frequent opportunities to enjoy singing. They are also encouraged to listen to and appreciate a wide variety of music, and to develop an understanding of concepts such as rhythm, steady beat, pitch and dynamics.


Music Scheme of Work


Our Music Scheme of Work is based on the following schemes written by Ann Bryant: ‘Teaching Foundation Stage Music’ and ‘Teaching Key Stage 1 Music’. Each musical skill is learnt, developed, reinforced and integrated into further learning. Wherever possible music activities are linked to other curriculum areas. Children work individually, in small groups and as a class.


Further Music opportunities


All children in the school participate in a Christmas and Summer Musical production. Annual Harvest Festivals, Carol Services and end of year services involve all children in the school. Children in Year 2 also have the opportunity to showcase their individual musical and group talents through their performances at a Summer music concert.


The children in Year 2 are invited to further extend their musical ability by joining extra-curricular music clubs such as Recorder Club, Choir and Chime Bar Club. Year 2 children enjoy performing at an Advent Service each year and have in the past recorded a CD of their favourite songs, as well as singing at a care home within our local community.


Arts Week takes place annually. During this week, the children have extensive opportunities to explore different themes through Music, Dance, Drama and Art. Where possible musicians are invited into school to perform for the children or lead workshops.


Music Opportunities Within Palladian Academy Trust


There are opportunities throughout the year for children from schools across the Palladian Academy Trust to come together to showcase their talents. Events include ‘One Night At The Palladian’ which is held at the Forum in Bath and an Advent Carol Service held in Bath Abbey. These events are always very popular. Children in Year One are involved in ‘Sing As One’ which is a mass singing event, held each Summer where the children have the opportunity to perform with and to other children of a similar age. This event has been running since 2012. We have been thrilled to have had over 1000 children participate in this event each year.