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Widcombe Infant School is a non-denominational school and our Religious Education is based on the agreed syllabus Awareness, Mystery and Value, and the non-statutory national framework provided by the Department for Education. The children are encouraged to develop understanding of what it means to belong to a religion and take on morals and principles from this to use in their lives. They learn about Christianity in the main, but also about the Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist faiths.


Throughout the children’s learning they are taught to consider the questions:

- Who are we?

- Why are sometimes special?

- Why are some stories special?

- Where do we belong?

- How do we celebrate our journey through life?

- How should we live our lives?

- Why are some places special?

- Why is our world special?

- Why is Jesus important?


Annually we hold a Celebration Day which aims to introduce and teach children about religious festivals that do not appear in our Scheme of Work.


We believe that the children learn best from handling artefacts, visiting special places and listening to members of the different religious communities. We love celebrating the diversity within our school and value the contributions our families make to support this by visiting school to share aspects of their faith.


RE Scheme of Work


We are fortunate at Widcombe Infant School to be in an area full of interesting geographical features both natural and man-made. We aim to take full advantage of this by getting our children into the local environment as much as possible. We help each child to develop their personal geography and then enable them to compare and contrast where they live with other places in the UK and the world. Throughout their three years at Widcombe Infant School the children will develop the geographical skills of:


- making observations about the natural and man-made features of a location

- expressing a view about those features

- asking geographical questions

- communicating their findings in different ways

- using a range of secondary information sources

- making and reading maps

- developing global awareness


We are also privileged at Widcombe Infant School to have families from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and we celebrate our diversity through our annual International Day and by inviting parents into school to share their knowledge and experience.

Geography Scheme of Work


At Widcombe Infant School we aim to inspire and enthuse the children in their curiosity and understanding of the past, and how it has changed and evolved over the years. The children are taught a range of investigative, research and analytical skills which enable them to become independent, evaluative learners.


To support our learning we have a range of resources including books, artefacts, photographs, costumes and DVDs. We also make use of the World Heritage City of Bath which has a wealth of buildings and museums for us to visit.


Historical skills are developed through five main areas:


- Chronological Understanding

- Knowledge and Understanding of people and events

- Historical Interpretation

- Historical Enquiry

- Organisation and Communication


In the Early Years Foundation Stage history is taught within the area of learning ‘Understanding the World’. The children learn about the passage of time related to their own lives and experiences, and are able to sequence simple pictures and events. In Year 1 and Year 2 it is taught each week through a topic based approach.  The children learn about a variety of people and events which are displayed on their classroom timelines.


Year 2 topics:

- Local history of Widcombe

- Florence Nightingale

- Fashion

- Castles

- The Great Fire of London 

- Explorers


Year 1 topics:

- Victorian Seasides

- The Gunpowder Plot

- Toys

- Charles Darwin and Peter Scott

- Houses and Homes

- Queen Elizabeth ll


All the children in the school take part in drama re-enactments, assemblies, themed days, have visitors in to school to support topics and go on educational visits.


We are passionate about making history an exciting, colourful and accessible subject for all the children at Widcombe Infant School so they will continue to learn about and enjoy history throughout their lives.

History Scheme of Work