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Design and Technology

Design and Technology is an exciting area of the curriculum that combines scientific concepts, technological ideas and creativity. It encourages children to think like engineers and to develop their skills of designing, creating and evaluating.


The development of these important skills, concepts and attitudes is at the root of good primary practice.The Design and Technology process involves analysis, problem solving, making and evaluating skills; all important skills for children to learn in life.


At Widcombe Infant School we provide children with the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively in pairs and small groups, to discuss plans, construct their designs, and evaluate their own and their peers’ work. We enable children to develop practical skills, knowledge of tools and materials, and to appreciate the need for safety both for themselves and those around them.


We organise a whole school “Puzzle Day” where the children have the chance to develop their problem solving skills through a range of activities, from large scale construction problems to smaller puzzles that test spatial awareness and perseverance in fun mathematical challenges.


Each class covers a range of Design and Technology projects over the year, sometimes related to their topic for that term e.g. Year 1 design and make a doll’s house and furniture whilst learning about houses and homes and in Year 2 the children make moving vehicles when learning about forces.


We also have a well-resourced children’s kitchen that can accommodate a whole class at a time. There are 15 workstations, each equipped to enable children to have the experience of making a variety of recipes. In addition a Cookery Club provides additional opportunities for children in Year 1 and Year 2.

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