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Cycle Day 2015

Cycle Day


​On Thursday 3rd December Widcombe Infant School
had its first ever Cycle Day organised by our PE Co-ordinator in
partnership with the Odd Down Cycle Track and the School Partnership Sports 
Team. The children brought their own bike and helmet to school if they had one. If
children did not have their own bike they were provided with a bike, balance
bike or a scooter. Throughout the morning all classes participated in a bike
workshop including an obstacle course which allowed children to practise and
develop their bike skills and control, as well as learning new skills.
Additional support was provided for children individually in the afternoon if they
found cycling difficult, for example how to get on a bike, how to stop a bike
with control or how to go around a corner keeping the bike balanced.
Certificates were also given to children who had decorated their bike
particularly well on a Christmas theme. It was a great day with the children
all progressing in their skills and developing their self esteem. We were
delighted the coaches found the children beautifully behaved and so
co-operative with their friends.