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Curriculum Overview

'I think every child has genius within them' David Hockney


'Emblazen these words on your mind .... learning is fun!' Peter Kline 


'I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand' Ancient Chinese Proverb 


The programme of study for the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in Reception and the National Curriculum in Year 1 and Year 2 are incorporated into a termly topic alongside a strong emphasis on learning skills. There are times during the term when subjects are taught as part of the topic and times when subjects are taught discretely. Cross curricular links are also made to reinforce learning. It is important our children learn basic skills across the curriculum to provide a firm foundation to their learning. There is a strong emphasis on our curriculum being practical, stimulating and interactive, so regular opportunities for visits, as well as artists, musicians, sports coaches etc. visiting Widcombe Infant School to work with the children are provided to extend the curriculum. A mixture of teaching styles is used ranging from direct teaching of whole class to specific teaching with individual children. Children have the opportunity to work independently and are encouraged to take an active role in their own learning. 


The topics within the school are: 

Term 1 

Reception - All About Me

Year 1 - Maps and Journeys 

Year 2 - Widcombe in Bath 


Term 2 

Reception - People Who Help Us

Year 1 - Patterns and Materials

Year 2 - Health and Growth


Term 3 

Reception - Transport 

Year 1 - Toys 

Year 2 - Fashion 


Term 4 

Reception - Animals 

Year 1 - Birds 

Year 2 - Castles 


Term 5 

Reception - Minibeasts 

Year 1 - Houses and Homes 

Year 2 - Stories


Term 6 

Reception - Water 

Year 1 - Food 

Year 2 - The Environment