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Computing makes a significant contribution to teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum at our school. Our aim is to equip children with the skills and experience they need to access technology and use it purposefully and appropriately.


Our Computing Scheme of Work follows the National Curriculum and QCA Scheme, which incorporates both specific skills based lessons and lessons which use Computing as a tool for learning other curriculum subjects. We teach children to:


 - Find things out


 - Develop ideas and make things happen


 - Exchange and share information


 - Review, modify and evaluate work as it is progressing.


In Reception the children love to use educational software to develop and extend their mouse control and co-ordination. Activities include counting objects and sorting shapes, moving objects and characters around the screen, and creating pComputingures using different tools and effects. They begin to explore using remote control vehicles and programmable toys.


In Year One emphasis is placed on gaining keyboard familiarity. Children are guided how to use the Internet to find images and facts about a topic, they enjoy creating their own simple animations, programming a floor robot to follow a specific route and using mathematical software to improve their mental calculation work. They are taught to save their work, edit it and print it out.


In Year Two the children become more independent in researching information from the Internet. They begin to make simple presentations incorporating objects, animations and moving text to share their learning. They design their own games and use the programmable robots to sequence their own routes and shapes using angles of turn.


Children have access to a wide range of technology including touchscreen computers, iPads, Interactive whiteboards, printers, remote control vehicles, programmable robots, digital cameras and video cameras. The school is well resourced and we aim to keep the equipment up to date.


Twice a week the children are taught in the Computing Suite as a half class. One session is taught by the Class Teacher and focuses on teaching specific Computing skills, the other session is taught by a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and focuses on using Computing as a tool for learning other subject areas.


The children are taught about e-safety. They only use the Internet with a supervising adult. Our school Internet is filtered by the South West Grid for Learning, which aims to filter the internet for our age of children. Three rules are shared with the children:


 - I must only use the Internet if an adult is with me


 - If I see something on the computer screen which I do not like or do not think I should see I will tell an adult straight away


 - I will not give any information about myself when I am on the Internet.


After school clubs are offered to Year One and Year Two children in Computing by the company Computer Xplorers. The school offers opportunities for parents to come in and use the school Computing suite with their child before or after school if they would like to. In addition the school runs an Computing Club at lunchtime to give children in Year One and Two extra practise in basic skills and grow in familiarity and confidence.


The Computing Co-ordinator runs a meeting for parents to explain the Computing curriculum annually.


Children at our school love Computing and especially using the computers and iPads. They make good progress and results show that many children achieve above the national expectations.