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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!


Have a look at our fantastic hall board display! We each painted an owl and made it unique by choosing our own colours and patterns. 

Class 6 walked to the Halfpenny Bridge in Bath. We imagined what it would have been like when the bridge collapsed. Then we found a sunny spot to sit and sketch the bridge and river.

Over the summer, we grew squash, potatoes, onions and apples on our allotment. We harvested the vegetables, then chopped and prepared them to make pumpkin soup. Here we are cooking our soup on the fire.

The soup tasted delicious, especially on such a wet, rainy day!

As part of our Widcombe topic, we have studied the artistic designs often seen on canal boats. We had a go at producing our own canal art pictures. Firstly, we painted and then outlined our castles. Next, we decorated the borders using flowers. What a great job!

In Year 2, we have enjoyed computing. So far this year, we have used an art package to draw self portraits and practised our typing skills by writing our own version of the poem ‘If I were King’ by A.A. Milne.