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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!



In Class 6, we really enjoy working mathematically. We like using practical equipment, such as blocks, to help us find answers or understand new concepts. When our understanding is secure, we move on to working more abstractly.

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Forest School

Forest School is a firm favourite in our class! Here are some of us enjoying the mud kitchen. We are very lucky to have such a well equipped kitchen. There are pots and pans galore! We like using our imaginations to create fantastic concoctions. We are not sure they would be edible though!


During one of our Forest School sessions we made pumpkin soup from one of the pumpkins we grew on our allotment. We cut it up, then added it to the pot alongside some onion, potato and stock. We enjoyed stirring the enormous pot of soup and then afterwards we each had a taste - delicious!

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In Computing, we enjoy using the computers. We work with a partner to do our computing work. This year we have developed our skills in word processing and coding. We have created and typed up poems titled, “If I Were King/Queen”. We learnt how to change the style and colour of font, as well as insert pictures.

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Tag Rugby

We have been learning how to play tag rugby. We are hoping to take part in some competitions against other schools in the Palladian Academy Trust. We have thought about tactics for collecting tags and how to avoid being caught. Physical exercise is very important to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

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Well Being

As part of well being week, we had a yoga workshop. We learnt how to do yoga positions. All the shapes were linked to sea animals. We needed to focus hard to ensure we created the different positions accurately.

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Times Tables

In Year 2, we learn how to do times tables. Here we are making towers to help us count in 2s. We then wrote corresponding number sentences. We are also learning how to use our fingers to support our counting in multiples of 2,5 and 10.

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