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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!


Place value is an important mathematical concept in Year 2, as it is important to know the value of each digit in a number. Children in Class 6 enjoyed finding out about the place value of 2 digit numbers. We had to partition the numbers into tens and units. We worked in pairs and groups to record our findings on whiteboards. 

We read the poem If I Were King by A. A. Milne. In Computing, we devised our own version of the poems. After we typed it up, we changed the font, size and colour of the text. We also inserted some pictures. Afterwards, we printed out our work and used it to create a fantastic classroom display. 

In Geography, we have been learning about the continents of the world. We enjoyed using an atlas to locate the continents. We learnt the names of the continents and found out about their size. The continents are: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antartica, Europe and Australasia. Later in the year, we will learn about the oceans of the world.

In Science we have been finding out about habitats. We asked the question: ‘What is the preferred habitat of a woodlice?’ We devised an investigation where we created two different micro-habitats within the same tank and then watched the woodlice to see which one they preferred. We had great fun creating the habitats and collecting the woodlice from the school grounds!  

As part of our topic on Widcombe in Bath, we learnt about the narrow boats that use the canal. We created our own pictures inspired by the canal art seen on the boats. We painted castles then created a flower design on the border. We used poster paints to get a strong, bold colour, then outlined the detail in pen. We think they look great!