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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!



In Science we have been learning about habitats around the world. After learning about many different types of habitats, we moved on to learn about micro-habitats. We carried out an investigation to find out where woodlice would prefer to live. As a class we made a prediction that woodlice would like to live in a damp, dark environment. We filled half a transparent tank with damp leaves and twigs, and we left the other half empty. All of the woodlice preferred the dark, damp end of the tank.

In English we have been reading a book called ‘We’re all Wonders’. This book is very important because it teaches everybody to be kind and helps us all to understand that we are unique. It made us think about what makes us special and what makes us happy. We have since noticed that lots of books we are reading try to teach us the same lessons.

In Art, we have been working on our sketching skills. We spent time sketching the Abbey in Bath, as it one of the main landmarks in the city of Bath. It was a challenge as there were lots of little windows and lots of detail. We really enjoyed persevering and developing our sketching.

In History we have learnt all about the Half Penny Bridge disaster. We found out that many people were trying to pay their toll on the wooden bridge so the bridge began to break. We have discussed how the bridge has been rebuilt using stronger materials and we even went to visit the Half Penny Bridge. We acted out some freeze frames to help us imagine how the people would have felt.

In Computing we have been navigating Google Maps to find landmarks in Bath. We also enjoyed finding our houses! We practised using the features of Google Maps such as zooming in and out, satellite view and how to use the search bar to find an address.

In music we have been learning about pitch and rhythm. We experimented with different clapping rhythms to a range of different items of food. We also learnt different musical notes such as a crotchet, a minim, a quaver and a semi-breve. We then used tuned and untuned instruments to practise our food rhythms. We had great fun on the xylophones!