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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!


Class 5 have made such a super start to Year 2. The children have been getting used to the busy timetable and being the oldest in the school. We have enjoyed learning about our topic ‘Widcombe’. Our independence is growing every day and we have had a big focus on working as a team to support one another.

Forest School

We had a great adventure at forest school making pumpkin soup. We had to chop and skin the fruits and vegetables from our school allotments and we had to cut up bread to serve as a side dish. We added chopped up onions to add extra flavour to our dish. We learnt how to light a fire safely and we enjoyed watching the soup bubble. It felt like we were working in a real restaurant. We all tried our best to taste the soup and we could taste the onions. The soup was delicious!



In Science this term we have been learning about habitats and microhabitats around the world. We did an experiment to discover which environment a woodlouse would prefer. We had to collect items from outside to build a home for our woodlouse. One side of our tank was dark and damp. The other side was empty. Most groups found that the woodlouse preferred the dark side of the tank.



In History, we have been learning about the Half Penny Bridge disaster. We enjoyed learning and retelling the events of the terrible disaster when the bridge broke. To consolidate our learning we went on a walk to visit the Half Penny Bridge. We walked over it and imagined how we would have felt if we were a visitor to the Bath and West Show on the day of the disaster. We enjoyed sketching a view of the Half Penny Bridge as it stands today.



In Geography we have been learning and locating the continents and oceans of the world. We really enjoyed learning the song which always manages to get stuck in our heads. The best part has been listening to each other to find out about where we all come from around the world. 



In computing we have been creating self-portraits. We had to look closely at our physical features that make us unique and different from one another. We had to use excellent mouse control to design delicate, accurate pictures. We loved looking through each others’ pictures as some of them were rather funny!


Hallboard Display

We have been measuring how tall we are. To measure our height we used a metre stick and a tape measure. We had to make sure we were accurate so we measured from the heels of our feet to the top of our heads. The black ribbon shows how tall we are at the start of Year 2. We identified our height as something that makes us unique and different to one another and it is personal to us. We linked this to our learning in English around the book ‘We’re all Wonders’ which teaches us that everybody is special in their own way and it is important not to judge somebody for the way they look.