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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

We have had a brilliant start to the year in Class Four. We have really enjoyed learning all about our new topic (Maps and Journeys) as well as really getting stuck into some brilliant maths and writing. We are an incredibly kind class and have enjoyed being able to play together and help one another with our learning. We all designed and coloured a door for our hall display, having talked about the expression ‘we’re all under one roof’. We all agreed that we make a brilliant team and that we all want to work together to make sure everyone is happy.

In PE, we have been learning about and practising different ways of passing a beanbag or a ball to a partner. We can use a roll pass, chest pass and bounce pass in order to swap the ball between us. We have also been enjoying building up our strength and flexibility doing yoga. Sometimes is can be tricky to balance on one leg!

In science, we have been learning all about the human body. We have talked about what is inside and outside our body and have been exploring our five senses. We enjoyed tasting different flavour crisps and smelling different smell bottles. The mustard and toothpaste were especially strong smells!

We have been thinking like scientists and have investigated which materials float and which materials sink. We learnt to make predictions and then see if we were right! Some materials really surprised us, like the plastic spoon that sank to the bottom! We also learnt that some objects are suspended in the water and neither float on the top nor sink to the very bottom. We also realised that some objects can float if they are placed carefully on top of the water, for example if the shell is places flat on top of the water it will float.

As part of our topic we have been investigating maps and atlases. We learnt about compass points and symbols on a map. We even had a go at creating our own pirate maps, complete with hidden dangers and an ‘x’ marks the spot. We really enjoyed entering a world of pirate make-believe and going on an adventure to find our own pretend pirate treasure. We looked at a variety of OS maps and talked about how co-ordinates and grid references help us to understand where places are on a map. We have also looked at globes and world maps, and have been identifying the UK and the four countries within it.

In Art, we learnt about Georges Seurat and pointillism. We created our own version of pointillism by painting our names in dots of different colours. We also enjoyed using powder paint to investigate how to mix colours. We learnt about primary colours and how to create different colours and different shades.

In English, we have been working really hard at learning and practising our phonic sounds. We were very excited to learn about split digraphs and have been laughing about Mr Alphabet who says that the letters are too chatty and are not allowed next to each other. We have been working really hard at using our phonics in our writing to help us with our spellings. In Class Four, we love to write stories and descriptions, and are very proud of the illustrations that we create alongside our writing. We have been focusing on adding chocolate chip words (adjectives) to make our writing really exciting. Miss Atkinson loves reading what we have written and is so impressed by our handwriting and our ideas!

We also love our Forest School sessions. It was so exciting to be able to harvest our own vegetables and to be able to make our own pumpkin soup on the fire. We loved being able to taste the soup and dunk our bread in! With wellies on and ready to go, we have been exploring all the Forest school area, cooking in the mud kitchen, playing in the log circle and swinging on the tree swing.

The start of Year One has been full of smiles and enthusiasm. We can’t wait for the rest of the year!