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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

We have had a fun start to Year One. All the children in Class 3 have settled in well and are enjoying learning together. Here’s what we have been up to…

We read the story of Elmer. Elmer the elephant is different to all the other elephants in his herd. He is patchwork and multicoloured, whereas all the other elephants are grey. He tries to become like them by covering himself in the juice of grey berries. Elmer finds that nobody recognises him any more and they don’t laugh like they used to. He learns to celebrate his differences. Once a year the herd of grey elephants have a day where they cover themselves in patterns and colours like Elmer and on this day Elmer makes himself grey! We have all designed our own coloured and patterned elephants to celebrate our differences!

In Science we have been learning about the human body. First of all we made sure we knew all the names of the parts of our body. To do this we stuck stickers on to one of the children to label them! We then drew around a child on a big piece of paper and later painted it and cut it out! We also learnt about the different organs on the inside of our bodies. We learnt the heart is the biggest muscle in the body and pumps blood and oxygen around our bodies. We have two lungs that help us to breathe. We have two kidneys to clean our blood, along with a stomach, liver, small intestine and large intestine. Our ribs protect our organs. We placed pictures of the organs on a tabard so we could see where they are inside our body.

In Forest School we have been having a lot of fun! We harvested a pumpkin from the allotments and then made pumpkin soup on the fire. We had to peel and chop the onions and potatoes. We added some water, stock and herbs, along with salt and pepper. We cooked it altogether in a pot. When it was ready we added a little milk to cool it and make it more creamy. We then dunked bread into it. Most of us enjoyed the taste of the soup.

In Art we have been learning to colour mix. We found out that if you mix different powder paint colours together you get a new colour. For example, red and yellow make orange, blue and red make purple, red and white make pink, and blue and yellow make green. We had to dip our brushes into water, add the powder paint and mix the paint in the palette. Miss Gammon then gave us a piece of paper covered in shapes. Our challenge was to paint each shape a different colour or shade of colour. We had a lot of fun!

In Maths we have been learning to measure. We started with unifix cubes and measured lots of items around the classroom. We found things that were really long, like a table, and things that were very short, like a pair of scissors. Later on in the week we learnt how to use a ruler to measure lines in centimetres.