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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!


Welcome to our class page.  We have been having lots of fun since we started school.  Outside we love playing with the bikes and trikes and making strong, tall walls.  In the classroom we enjoy building models and sharing stories.  We also have a lobby area where we can pretend that we are in a house.  We often make each other things to eat and drink.  Our days are very fun!

Wild Wednesday

In our first Wild Wednesday session we went to our local park to collect natural resources.  There were lots of conkers and acorns which was very exciting.  We based our art on Andy Goldsworthy who creates natural sculptures.  Some of us worked by ourselves and some worked in partners or groups.  We had a lot of fun and were very imaginative.  At the end of the session we had hamsters, conker blasters, suns and beautiful patterns.  What do you think?

Self – Portraits

Our topic this term is All About Me.  We have been exploring our senses using smell pots, mirrors, musical instruments and baking bread.  For sight we looked very closely at our faces and described what we could see.  We learnt about the different colours in our eyes and that the pupils change size in different lights.  After this we carefully painted a self-portrait and thought carefully about the colours that we would need.  Can you spot who we are?


We are very lucky because Mrs Masters comes in every Thursday to cook with us.  This term we have been making pizza faces.  We used a muffin as our base and spread passata on top.  After this we thought about what we would like to use to create our face.  We could choose from peppers, ham, cheese and sweetcorn.  After they were cooked, we got to take them home and eat them.


In Class 1 we love making models out of lots of different things.  We have a modelling area which has lots of materials for us to use including corks, matchsticks and cardboard boxes.  We also love playing with the playdough that we have helped to make.  We used a bowl and papier-mâché to make a volcano which we want to conduct an experiment with.