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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Class 1 have had such a great start to school.  They have been so independent and we are very proud of them.  Over the past few weeks the children have been getting to know each other and enjoying the school routines.


During the day many of them enjoy playing in our covered outdoor area.  They have tested their strength and balance on the wheeled toys, and enjoyed creating large scale structures.  Another favourite is our lobby area which is set up as a house.  The children have cooked up some great dinners and written shopping lists to help them get everything that they need.  Within the classroom they have quickly learnt where everything is kept and select the resources that they would like for their play.

We have been exploring our local environment and what the natural world is like.  We visited the local park and collected a range of natural resources.  We are lucky that there is an enormous conker tree for us to collect natural treasures from.  Because we were so sensible, we got to spend some time playing in the park.  We had a lot of fun!  When we got back to the classroom, we enjoyed exploring the natural resources.  We used them in our playdough, created patterns, made transient art and sorted them by their properties.  We are looking forward to starting our Wild Wednesday sessions when we can explore the natural world further.

We have been working so hard learning our sounds and are already starting to read and write words!  Listen to our amazing sounds and words!  We have learnt 16 so far!

Img 2981-1.m4v

Still image for this video

In Art we have been looking at the artist Miro.  He is famous for making pictures that use large bold shapes joined up with different types of black lines.  We created our own art inspired by Miro by drawing around shapes and painting them bright colours.  We then rolled a dice which had a variety of lines and symbols on to decide what to do next.  We worked collaboratively to make 2 large pictures.  They are hanging up in our classroom.

We know that we are all unique and special in our own ways.  It’s really important that we value everyone and celebrate what makes everyone special.  Can you guess who is who just from our eyes?  Follow the lines to find out!

We are really enjoying our full days and are excited to find out all the other exciting things that we will be doing this year.