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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!



This term we are learning about obvious contrasts in music (high/low, long/short, fast/slow, smooth/jumpy). We have been listening to extracts of music from the Carnival Of The Animals to hear which instruments have been used to depict a type of animal and its movements. We have learnt that larger

instruments generally play lower sounds and smaller instruments generally play higher sounds. We explored the glockenspiels and found that the longer bars played lower notes and the shorter bars played higher notes.

Having listened to The Aquarium music we then composed our own accompaniment to it using the glockenspiels and triangles (which we felt were watery sounding and smooth playing). We really enjoyed performing our music!


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Religious Education


We have been thinking about belonging and how different groups of people show how they belong. We found out that Christians baptise babies to welcome them into the Christian faith. The children shared their experiences of family babies being christened and then they watched a video of a christening. They discovered that the bowl used to christen babies is called a font and that each baby/child is given a candle representing God and a guide to follow in his light.


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Class 3 enjoyed acting out a baptism. There was a vicar, parents and Godparents. They chose a Christian name for their baby and then the vicar made the sign of the cross on the babies head and poured a little water from the font whilst naming the baby.


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Watch our performance at the Dance Festival Dance Umbrella...

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